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Discover how our team tackled complex challenges, implemented innovative solutions, and delivered exceptional results for our clients. Explore real-world examples, testimonials, and key takeaways that showcase our expertise, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Johnson Matthey, a renowned British multinational enterprise specialising in chemicals and sustainable technologies, is committed to creating a cleaner and healthier world for present and future generations. In pursuit of their vision, Johnson Matthey enlisted the expertise of L&K to address the need for the replacement of Custom White Metal Bearings in their expansive and weighty machinery rolling machines.Upon receiving the requirements from Johnson Matthey, our proficient team promptly mobilised and embarked on a site visit to comprehensively evaluate the issue at hand. Meticulously analysing the existing setup, we sought to understand the precise nature of the problem and its underlying causes.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we devised a comprehensive solution that would effectively resolve the bearing-related challenges encountered by Johnson Matthey. Following the meticulous planning and strategising phase, our team swiftly implemented the proposed solution. This involved procuring and installing the new bearings with utmost precision and care, ensuring their seamless integration into the heavy machinery rolling machines. Adhering to industry best practices and utilising cutting-edge techniques, we aimed to optimise the performance and longevity of the equipment while minimising downtime.

The replacement and installation process was executed flawlessly, thanks to the proficiency and skill of our team members. Their deep understanding of the intricacies involved in working with specialised bearings, combined with their technical expertise, enabled a successful outcome that exceeded Johnson Matthey's expectations.
By partnering with L&K, Johnson Matthey demonstrated their commitment to maintaining operational excellence and their dedication to sustainable practices.

Our collaborative effort not only addressed their immediate requirements but also contributed to their overarching vision of fostering a cleaner and healthier world. Together, we played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of their large, heavy machinery rolling machines, enabling Johnson Matthey to continue their mission of delivering high-quality products and services while minimising environmental impact.In conclusion, L&K's efficient and effective approach to problem-solving, combined with Johnson Matthey's commitment to sustainability, resulted in a successful replacement and installation of Custom White Metal Bearings. Through our partnership, we contributed to Johnson Matthey's vision of a cleaner and healthier world, both for the present and future generations.

GEA Group AG, a prominent German corporation primarily engaged in the food and beverages sector, recently approached our company with a request to evaluate, create designs for, and manufacture drive shafts for sizeable pharmaceutical mixing bins. These bins play a crucial role in the production of pharmaceutical tablets, and we were entrusted with their installation.

The collaboration with GEA Group AG presented us with an exciting opportunity to contribute our expertise in the field of drive shafts and support the pharmaceutical industry's critical processes. Recognising the significance of these mixing bins in pharmaceutical tablet production, we approached the project with utmost diligence and commitment.Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the requirements specified by GEA Group AG. We carefully analysed the existing infrastructure and determined the precise specifications necessary for the drive shafts to seamlessly integrate with the pharmaceutical mixing bins. Through meticulous research and examination, we identified the ideal materials and engineering techniques that would ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of the drive shafts. Next, armed with this knowledge, our team of skilled engineers embarked on the design phase. Taking into account the specific needs of GEA Group AG and the pharmaceutical industry, we crafted innovative and tailored solutions.

Our designs prioritised safety, efficiency, and precision, adhering to stringent quality standards and regulatory guidelines governing pharmaceutical manufacturing.With the designs approved by GEA Group AG, we initiated the manufacturing process. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with advanced machinery and operated by highly trained professionals, facilitated the production of the drive shafts to the highest standards of quality and precision. Rigorous quality control measures were implemented at every stage to ensure that each component met the required specifications and would seamlessly integrate with the pharmaceutical mixing bins.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, our team collaborated closely with GEA Group AG to ensure the successful installation of the drive shafts into the pharmaceutical mixing bins. Our technical experts provided on-site support, guaranteeing that the integration was seamless and that the system functioned optimally. Overall, our partnership with GEA Group AG allowed us to showcase our proficiency in assessing, designing, and manufacturing drive shafts for critical pharmaceutical applications.

By combining our engineering excellence with GEA Group AG's industry expertise, we successfully contributed to the production of pharmaceutical tablets, supporting the advancement of healthcare worldwide.

Tyco Security Products, a prominent company specialising in access control and comprehensive security management systems, sought our assistance to address issues they were encountering with their gear boxes utilised in their metal sheet forming production line.In response to their request, L&K promptly engaged in the task of disassembling and refurbishing the gear boxes responsible for driving the production line's sheet metal forming processes. With meticulous care and expertise, our team skilfully dismantled the gear boxes, thoroughly inspecting each component to identify any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction.

The process of reconditioning the gear boxes involved a systematic approach to restore them to optimal working condition. L&K employed industry-leading techniques and utilised high-quality materials to repair or replace any worn-out or faulty parts. Our skilled technicians ensured precise alignment, proper lubrication, and meticulous reassembly, paying attention to every detail to guarantee the highest level of performance and durability. Once the gear boxes were fully reconditioned, L&K's team diligently reinstalled them onto Tyco's metal sheet forming production line. The installation process involved meticulous calibration and adjustment to ensure seamless integration with the overall system. Our experts carefully tested the gear boxes, monitoring their performance and conducting thorough quality checks to confirm that they were functioning flawlessly.

By entrusting L&K with their gear box refurbishment and installation needs, Tyco Security Products received a reliable solution to their production line challenges. Our commitment to precision, quality craftsmanship, and technical expertise ensured that the gear boxes were restored to their optimal condition, allowing Tyco to resume their sheet metal forming operations with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

L&K's partnership with Tyco Security Products in addressing their gear box issues exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for industrial equipment maintenance and optimisation. With our proven track record and commitment to excellence, we continue to support businesses in maximising their operational effectiveness and minimising downtime.

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