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From conceptualisation to production, our commitment to precision engineering, reliability, and global standards has established us as a trusted manufacturer serving clients across Europe, the Middle East, and India.
How it works

Global Manufacturing, Local Expertise

Wen benefit significantly by splitting its manufacturing process between the UK, UAE, and India. By leveraging the strengths of each country, we can access a larger pool of resources, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The UK's technological expertise and skilled workforce can be utilised for product design and development. The UAE's strategic location and advanced logistics infrastructure can facilitate the transportation and distribution of raw materials and intermediate goods. India's low-cost labor and extensive supply chains can be utilised for mass production and final assembly. This multi-country approach also diversifies our risk and exposure to any potential geopolitical or economic disruptions in a single location.


The best way to enquire is to click on the Get a Quote button and fill out the form. If you do not have all the information required, not to worry, this can be discussed in the consultation phase. A drawing always helps if you have one.


We believe speaking to you, weather it be over the phone or in person for larger projects is an essential part of achieving the desired result so that we can really get a feel and flavour of what it is exactly you are looking for. We can also conduct a site visit for larger projects should this be required. Your installation requirements are also discussed at this stage for a turnkey solution should you require it.


We then design from your initial brief and the consultation until you are happy. At this stage we take great care to ensure that all practicalities, costs, and maintenance have been considered and worked into the design.


Before manufacturing begins the designs are signed off and at this stage as most of our projects are bespoke we ask for a non-refundable 30%  payment of the overall cost of the project. Thats it, you can now sit back and relax as we get to work. You will be updated of your project and its progress by simply logging onto your portal at any time and should you require anything else you can always give us a call or drop us an email.

Delivery & Installation

We will then deliver your project and install it should this be a requirement. We only work with our dedicated installers who have worked with us for over 20 years, leaving you to enjoy your Utopian Green.
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